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Commercial locksmith services are professional services that are provided by a commercial locksmith to businesses. The main purpose of a commercial locksmith is to provide security to a business. A commercial locksmith can help with installing new locks or repairing existing ones. They can also provide other services such as repairing safes or installing keyless locks.


Re-key / Master Rekey system

Re-keying is when you change the pins in a cylinder lock to make it work with a different key. It is also called "master keying". When you re-key a lock, you are changing the pins inside the cylinder so that they will only line up with new keys that have been cut to match the new pins. If you have multiple locks on your property and would like them all to work with one key, then we can help you with that as well!


Lock Change and Lock Installation Service

We are a 24/7 locksmith company offering all types of lock change and lock installation services for commercial. We provide all types of locks, including deadbolts, mortise locks, cylinder locks, cam locks, etc. We also offer other services such as key duplication and key cutting.

Push Bar Device / Panic Bar

A push bar is an excellent device to help you protect your business and staff. This is a device that you can use when you need to contact the authorities in the case of an emergency. It’s important to have a panic button installed in areas where there may be a lot of people, such as a hotel or restaurant. This will help keep everyone safe if something goes wrong.

Business Lockout Assistance

At the first sign of a lockout, we will immediately send our experienced technicians to your location. Commercial lockouts can happen at any time, so it’s important for businesses to have the right service provider on their side. Don’t let an unexpected lockout ruin your day – contact us today!

High Security Locks For Commercial


Commercial locks are often different from residential locks, because they need to be more durable and secure. This is why you may need high security locks for commercial buildings. These locks offer a higher level of protection than standard pin and tumbler locks, so they can be used in all types of businesses including retail stores, banks and office buildings. They're also used in schools and hospitals where there may be expensive equipment or sensitive patient records at stake. Northwest Locksmith is your number one source for high security locks and keys.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

This is a type of key that comes with a specified engraved no-duplicate message. This key will open a deadbolt or other door locks and shouldn’t be copied or duplicated. It's hard to get another copy unless you get it from the locksmith you purchased it from. The "do not duplicate" keys is often used to prevent unauthorized duplication of the keys by non-authorized personnel, This is done primarily for security purposes in order to protect homeowners or businesses who share key access with different people.

Keyless Door Locks / Key Pads

Our keyless door locks, also known as keypads, are an ideal choice for commercial applications, such as offices and retail buildings. They offer convenience and security for staff members, customers and the general public. With a range of options available, you can choose the right system for your needs.

Northwest Locksmith offers high class keypad lock installation in Kent, If you need help choosing the right keypad lock for you, we happy to give advice to find you the best lock for your budget.

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